West Africa Chamber of  Agriculture Agriculture [WACOA]

We are working to help develop the Agriculture System in West Africa. 


Our goal is to help all small scale farmers in West Africa by helping them get financial supports.

Our Mission


The best way to eliminate poverty in West Africa is to develop a strong agricultural economy. This is why we are working with the youth to make this possible. 

We strongly believe that when more young people and graduates venture into agric, there would be abundant of foods and job creations.

How you can help


We will gladly accept the following supports:


Farm machineries 



Any agric products 


We need warehouses for food storage facilities and for establishing food banks. So, we will gladly accept contributions in a form of offering us such facilities to help the WACOA family across the West African regions


We work with all small scale farmers in West Africa. Therefore, small scale farmers any where in West Africa should contact us for help.

Did you know?

Agriculture is the future of West Africa: we have the fertile lands, water bodies, young populations, and supportive resources. With a very strong agricultural system and economy, we can eliminate poverty in West Africa. 

Help us continue our work

Kindly support by donating farm machineries, seeds, fertilizers, money, and any agric products that help farmers in West Africa. 

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Contact us

Telephone: +1 978 552 9985

E-mail: info@wacoa.org

Address: 2705 thunder bay cts, corpus Christi, TX 78414